2013 The Year of Raqui

Every year before the new year starts I write down how I want the year to be. I firmly believe in the power of words. You can either speak life into or bring death over your situations. Anyways, this year I labeled as a rebirth as myself personally and professionally.

The year started off with a bang with guest post,connecting, and writing. Then tragedy struck me and my family and things seemed to be going good for awhile and then joy came in the form of a little baby but a few short weeks later death struck at our door again. And it was hard.. hard to pick up the pieces and not completely fall apart in the mist of our circumstances. But we held on to our faith and the promises of Jesus.  It was not easy.. losing a child but without my relationship with the Lord  I would not be writing you today. And then a crazy thing happened I published my first book and attended the NNBA conference. I connected with so many wonderful people and I actually was smiling and feeling like Kimberly again..Then I  was blessed with interviews in print and radio and now with hope/plans for much more in 2014. Reflecting on this past year has brought me peace as I have truly grown and  truly embraced myself This has caused me to loose some people along the way but that's ok because its part of growing and evolving into the person I want to be. Writing this has me a little teary eyed because of all that we've been through this year. I am truly grateful to you all my audience from Florida to Saudi Arabia. Around the world and back again. I could never nor did I ever imagine the words God gave me touching so many people. Thank you. Thank you for visiting, commenting, sharing, and purchasing. Without your support writing here would not be successful. Writing  has been therapeutic for me and I hope a blessing to you. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings.

To a Blessed, Prosperous, and Happy New Year for you and your family!



  1. Wow Kim so much happened to you this year personally and professionally. I wish you a wonderful 2014 and may you continue to inspire many nurses!

  2. Thanks Nina. I just saw this lol:)