Four years ago this very week on graduation day I stood in your very shoes. Where did four years go...man I'm getting sentimental. A lot has happened and I've grown so much. The biggest change is my confidence and competence in self.  And while I still have my moments... we all do I know I rock as a nurse and stand in that truth!

Four years ago the world was ahead of me and the nursing school adventure behind me. I felt free..a survivor of sorts and all around happy. But reflecting back I feel grateful. The road to writing you now has not been easy - I went from rejection,wait-listed, harassed, unappreciated to peace, purpose, and perseverance. For me my faith and relationship with the Jesus got me through. So today I'm writing all the graduates a letter. (I have a special place in my heart for the nursing graduates!)That I wish I had wrote myself...or if did I can't find it lol.

Dear Graduate,

 Today is your day! You have survived tests of paper, pen, and human experiences.You have risen at the crack of dawn and gone to sleep after midnight all to finish your care plan. Then got up the next morning to do it all over again, providing excellent compassionate patient care. You have been uncertain and fearful- lacked confidence but triumphed them all! By believing in yourself; gaining strength with each new experience.  You have stood up for the voiceless and made a difference.Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.  You have called the provider on the phone advocating for your patient. You have had open conversations with your preceptor understanding that they are human. Through it all you have preserved. Well done! Today celebrate your accomplishments and the fact no one can take your education away. In the days, months, and weeks ahead draw on what you are feeling currently as it will serve you when you are knee deep in guilt and self-loathing. 

You are a nurse at this very moment and although you may not have your license, right now you embody all the skills and characteristics you need. Yes there will be some obstacles, mistakes and growing pains along the way but you've got it! Congratulations and Happy Graduation Day. I'm proud of you and look forward to connecting with you soon.
 Take Care,


What advice do you have for the graduates today?

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