I'M Live:)

Hello everyone, Today I am very excited. Why you may ask? Because Tina Lanciault over at Exploring Alternative Nursing Careers gave me the opportunity of a lifetime; guest posting with the blog entitled Today You Are a Nurse!You can imagine how excited I was when yesterday night I received the email that my first guest post was live!!!!!! Can't thank her enough :) With new year excitement weaning I figured this post about what makes you a nurse could serve as some inspiration to you as well as me. Don't give up! Your clients are depending on you. Hope you enjoy it! While you're there check out Tina's amazing resources and posts about alternative nursing careers...I know it helped me!Also look out for a new series  on New Beginnings called Take Care!


  1. I look forward to your message. Enjoyed the last one I read. Good information.


    1. Thanks Annette! I appreciate the support look out for the book What They Didn't teach You or I in Nursing School: Lessons from beyond the Classroom!Raqui Ward RN