Raqui Thursdays: Renewing After Tragedy

This week I wish I had something profound to say but I don't.  I will say last week was very reflective for this blog audience and myself as the tragedies in Boston, Texas, and globally unfolded.

It seems every week there are tragedies and it is really disheartening . That's why I started New Beginnings; because even in our own lives as husbands, wives, daughters, parents, sisters, bothers, medical professionals, and caregivers we regularly experience personal tragedies. So what do we do?

I don't have the answers. For some when life gets crazy , myself included,  we turn more to our spiritual  side,  I find myself  drawing closer to HIM by digging deeper in the bible, praying, mediating, and in fellowship with other believers. For others it may included talking with family, friends, or just going to the pool. I have done these too! There really is no right answer but two things are certain tragedy and having to deal with them.

However you choose to deal with tragedy choose something. You're worth it! What will you do this Thursday to renew?

Take Care

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