Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This month  I celebrate my birthday and in years past it has been filled with lots of drama. So this summer after a heartbreaking tragedy I reflected on why I celebrate birthdays. The short answer: they are worth celebrating, Life is worth celebrating!! Happy Birthday to you wherever you are!!!Celebrate!!!!!!!

Over the years I have been asked many times why I make such a big deal out of my birthday. While my family and close friends get it..others not so much. I have heard it is selfish or makes people uncomfortable depending on my plans..this as you can imagine has caused lots of drama around my birthday and for several years I have only spent it with those in my inner circle or my husband for fear of ruining a perfectly good day with others opinions.

 To understand my stance on birthdays you must understand how I was raised. .Growing up no matter what we had cake and ice cream on our birthdays and  my mom made it very special . My dad makes sure everyone knows and celebrates their golden birthday(the day you turn the same age as your day of birth).  So you can imagine my surprise when others made the above comments how I felt. It was shocking to me at least. But I'm done worrying about others opinions of me especially in regards to celebrating the day God blessed me. I have been through a lot and want to honor God with celebration of all He has brought me through.  Birthdays are very important: once that sperm meets that egg  its beautiful..I mean how awesome that what color hair to your personality is decided in an instant..and not to mention how many sperm never reach the egg in time..its perfect symphony. And then the baby, if we're lucky  is born alive, healthy, and thriving in this world. Lots of unforeseen circumstances such as miscarriage..stillbirths..
kidnapping... sudden infant death, and violence just to name a few can occur along they way,so why wait let's celebrate!!!! If you think about it its a miracle regardless of what you believe that despite all obstacles  we are alive and breathing.

How do you celebrate your birthday?  

This post is dedicated to all my friends who have recently had babies and those moms who will see their babies in heaven. So to answer the question: I ask one in return- who am I  not to celebrate my birthday?  Do what makes you happy.  For me that is  honoring the One who gave me life. The One who knew me before I was thought in my parents head. Not everyone gets a chance to live and I don't want to take that for granted. 

Take Care,

~ Kimberly