My, what a difference a year makes! I went from crying in a bathroom stall surrounded by other people’s toiletries last Easter season to currently collaborating with fellow nurses about our new duties, work, and aspirations. I went from working as the sole day shift RN to working/ having that support of a group of nurses.

 This past year has been one for transformation from depression to joy from defeat to triumph. You see, I started out optimistic about this new aspect of public health nursing but eventually it became overwhelming for me being the only RN and feeling like I was responsible for actions or lack thereof when I was not on duty. It’s never a good sign when you dream at night about work; I prefer to spend my REM on more happy thoughts. But despite all the signs I continued to stay for multiple reasons..ie responsibilities and eventually stayed one day too long.

 Don’t get me wrong it was not all horrible; It was actually quite wonderful; I had great co-workers/ dynamics, supportive and understanding supervisors and provider who serves as a mentor and provided me comprehensive training in a condensed amount of time. I was able to honestly tell them how I was feeling and they allowed me time away from work to figure things out- truly a blessing- and I still recommend employment there to this day because of this and how they treat their staff- with excellence. Yet,I could not enjoy the experience in those swirling moments of pressure and stress. 

This experience fortified my love of Public Health Nursing in aspects such as creatively utilizing shrinking resources, holding educational groups, and talking with people. It reaffirmed in this specialty flexibility, creativity, and prioritizing is paramount. It also strengthened my resolve to trust my nursing instincts…the first time. It showed me that I like working with and being around nurses on a regular basis; to collaborate, create, share, and support.

I was able to understand the meaning and feel the weight of burnout and its ugly symptoms. But now the reminder of last year serves as a reminder of how to take care of myself, my family, friends, and clients. It serves as a reminder to not take everything or myself so seriously and that at the end of the day it is all in God’s hands.

So this Easter season I am honoring His resurrection and spending the next few days meditating and thanking God for all of his goodness and what he has brought me through. How do you celebrate the season? Can you relate to this experience?

When we return from this blogging break we will kickoff April with how to resurrect your nursing career with some alternative Nursing ideas!  Boy did I need this advice back then! We have some awesome guest bloggers and writers lined up! Starting with Tina Lanciault RN.


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