so You're the RN....

Well last week I learned a lot about myself.. and I think the title sums it up perfectly.. so you're the RN? Now that can mean many things to many different people, but for me this week it meant learning about the lab technicians job and how important it is to communicate as a team. I also did some phlebotomy work which I would like to look into as a side gig..who knows could help with the wedding/ student loans coming up..but none the less I learned a lot and made connections/ closer bonds with the lab staff and have a new appreciation for their knowledge, skills, and expertise.

So next time when asked or how ever it comes up so you're the RN? Reply why yes I am, how can I help you?...I know I am:)



 I have officially been working in the role as Sr. RN on the Women's side of  a Maternal and Child Health clinic for 7 weeks now. It has had its challenges but this week gave me the renewal I needed.  Even though I have made mistakes, done things I'm not proud of ...I have done more good than bad. This week I got many hugs, thanks, and congratulations from the clients I serve. This embracing smartness thing is really working!! One client stated " wow you're so young and you know so much about family planning and what not." I guess passion shines! That really made my day Friday; because it just shows Gods favor.  This day I was  on my own, for the most part, but  I did not feel the pressure like I did the first time I was left to my own devices.... I was more confident, willing to take on a challenge, and I made sure when you stepped into my office , as a client you  felt like nothing else mattered and you got my undivided attention. I did not let on that I had charts out the wazoo to document on ,triage calls to return,  and the  "RN on call".  No I handle it with the strength of Jesus and focused on the tasks at hand.  this experience is making me a better and more confident nurse. To all my new nurses out there, there will be days when you want to cry and there will be days that your heart is filled with joy; but remember on the days that you cry joy is soon to follow and on the days you are filled with joy cherish each moment because new adventures and challenges await on the horizon.

My advice for this week is do not shy away from a challenge meet it head on and if you fail you fail and if you succeed you succeed but no matter what at least you tried. All HE is asking is for you to try!!!!!!!! The bible says in Isaiah 55:11( NKJ)- So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.


Disater Prepardness Nursing & RN License

Today, I went to this training for Disaster Preparedness Nursing. It was a good refresher...since I just got out of nursing school. Actually is was better than good ...it was awesome!!!!!  I was able to see some of my favorite professors and it proves I am right where God wants me to be; working when , where, and how God wants me too. Hope we can keep this up. What I really want to share is the importance of knowing/memorizing your license number.

It seems no matter where I go I need to know that number. .it's like knowing your SSN without it you don't exist, and without your licensure number nothing else matters because you never know when they will be offering those all-important CEU's; since I work for the Department of Health I think I'll be pretty much covered with CEU's and the beauty is they're free!!!!!! We all know just because you’re a nurse does not mean you’re rich ... you are paid well but you still need to budget your money wisely. This is something I'm working on. Starting with my first check. Bottom line: be prepared with your license number...you put a lot of effort into obtaining it! It is a represents your faith, effort, and commitment in this profession.