Love Letters To A Nurses Soul: Letting Go

Hello Everybody and Happy Resurrection/ Easter weekend.!!!! I read something FB that says something to the effect that the most powerful experience this world has had; happened in a span of three days. Think about it...Jesus was arrested, prosecuted, persecuted, murdered, placed in a tomb, and then resurrected for you and me. I wish you and your family a blessed Easter weekend and time to reflect on where your life is going.  At the end of the day there are people, places, and opportunities much more important than the trivial things we get hung up on. ~ Kimberly

Now Onto the Letter:

Dear Nurse,

      There are people, places, things, and situations we need to let go of. We may think we have but reality is we have not.  For instance I ran into a former friend and while I have forgiven this person it still gave me a bit of anxiety seeing them. Would I say something crazy..unfiltered..untactful? Would I want to run and hide? I'm not sure how I was going to react but anyways when I saw them I hugged them and kept the conversation to what they were comfortable with. And even though we aren't friends I was happy to see them doing well but understood why we could never be the type of friends we were before. You see I have changed and grown a lot over the last time I spoke to them and if I can't be my beautiful broken self in front of you we can't be friends or family for that matter.So I'm letting go. Letting go of preconceived notions, pretending to say and do things I'm not, living up to others expectations, and trying to prove I'm worthy. The sheer fact I am alive and breathing is proof I belong among the human race. The fact God gets me up every morning is validation enough I am worthy. What do you need to let go of? Write it down and tear it up today!


~ Kimberly


Love Letters To A Nurses Soul: It's Just a JOB!

Dear Nurse,

 Today I sat here and repeated to myself it's just a job. Why? Because someone made me mad. They were very unprofessional despite my best efforts. But in truth I allowed them to make me mad as I control my destiny and reactions, and then  God remind me no matter how nice or unprofessional mean spirited or graceful the people we come in contact with in our profession we must remember it is just a job. People  come, go, get changed, and rearranged but my family my family is forever and that is more important to me then a JOB. 

The life growing inside of me is more important than telling someone off or putting them in their place. At the end of the day I  go home to a loving supportive family. Maybe they don't.I don't know but I hope they do. So today I remind you to do your job and do it well as you always have but at the end of the day remember you gave it your best and that's it. After all when we get to the pearly gates God's not going to ask how well you interacted with your coworker but He will want to know if you accepted his son in your heart.



(originally written 3/13/14)


Love Letters To A Nurses Soul: Called vs. Capable

Dear Nurse,

Last year I attended parts of the Women Living Well Conference online. In one of the videos your calling vs capabilities was discussed. Karen Ehman explained that we can be capable of many things in life but our time is better spent to doing what we are called to do. 

Regardless of your beliefs this is a universal principle. We as human beings are so fascinating; able to do amazing feats especially under pressure.Yet when we live our lives doing everything we end up doing nothing. I have struggled with this before and sometimes fall off the wagon. For instance, I love serving in church but in what capacity? I am truly a free spirit and like to step in when and where help is needed at a moments notice, not necessarily doing the same task on a regular bases.My husband is the opposite of me.You can see him week in and week out protecting the children that come to church on Sunday. Me on the other hand you might find praying for someone one Sunday right when they ask, recording the church's history through written words, holding a baby, or encouraging someone on Facebook. 

The point is neither way is better,just as my spouse and I are different so are we as nurses. Some Doctors, entrepreneurs, writers, actors, and speakers just to name a few. How we choose to live our lives are examples of the calling. What gets you going in the morning and you think about long after you should be asleep? That's what you are called to do! Focus on that and you can't go wrong. Also I must mention the need to compare. We are each fearfully and wonderfully made, no need to compare your journey to another. If we were all the same this world would be pretty damn boring. What are you called to do? What do you need to say no to although you are capable of doing it in order to fulfill your destiny? 



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Love Letters to A Nurses Soul: Daily Diet

Hello Everyone Kimberly here. I have missed you all but I have been working behind the scenes on some things I hope you enjoy. One of them is my "Love Letters to a Nurses Soul" Project. I hope these love letters inspire, encourage, and give you hope.

Dear Nurse,

Today is the day you change your diet! No I"m not talking about from donuts to egg whites and spinach or from pizza to salmon and brown rice, although those may be good choices depending on your health. No, I'm suggesting you change your steady diet of negativity regarding yourself, your professional and personal realm to one of positivity.

No more facebook for hours on end or nurse forums that bash our profession rather than uplift it. No more self- discussion boards that have more negative than good. because really the mind is powerful and I for one need to set some boundaries. What we constantly consume we become. No matter how hard we try to scroll to the positive post or ignore that someone else seems to be living a bigger, better, more fulfilled life we must stop. You are worthy to be happy. Everyone is.The minute you recognize this is  the minute you will  begin to live.

I've seen you struggling trying to live up to expectations that were not meant for you. You are "fearfully and wonderfully made "-Psalm 139:14 and don't need to play second fiddle to anybody. So we need to detox. It will not be easy but in the end the results of you feeling happy, fulfilled and walking in your propose will be worth it.

Daily Diet Revamp:
  1. I will pray instead of worry. Each time I get the inkling to worry I will instead pray over my situation. I realize praying and worrying are counterproductive.
  2.  I pledge to Love myself fully and wonderfully just as God created me.
  3. I speak life  into my situations. When negative thoughts arise I confront them with truth and past successful experiences and outcomes.
  4.  I will limit my time and energy on trigger areas of my life rather that  mean spending only 1 hr on social media daily or not watching TV before I go to sleep.
  5. Each day take out some time to be still and Know He is God. The God of the Heaven and Earth..there is nothing to hard for Him.



P.S. If you would like to read more about walking in your purpose, finding and achieving success, all through a spiritual and comedic lens check out my book "What They Didn't Teach You Or I In Nursing School: lessons Learned Outside The Classroom."  Thank you.