Taking Care: Taking Stock

Awe summer: fresh air, showers, cookouts, beaches…let’s just drink it all in shall we? OK back to business!

By far, one of my most popular post to date has been Taking Care. Personally I believe this is because often times we get in the routine of taking care of ourselves last.

As you know I truly believe in order to be an effective and functioning person in this life you must care for self-first. I have seen and personally experienced what not taking care of yourself can do and I’m sure you have too. So, I propose over the next six weeks we take a long hard look into our self-care techniques, strengths, areas for improvement, and do some experimenting…who ‘s with me??!!!!

Here’s how it will work: each week I will post an aspect of self-care we can explore together; sharing our triumphs and supporting each other's bloopers along the way .Trust me I’m the queen of them. So thankful for God’s Grace.
This first week we will take stock. Write down what you do this week, such as when you wake up, go to bed, eat, sleep, exercise, read, anything that is a part of your routine, a good rule of thumb I have learned from various sources is to at least record  three consecutive days of activities to see established patterns. If you can’t? Just write what you can. The point of the exercise is to see where you are currently at in your self-care journey. Once that’s done take some time not to even look at your routine and then come back to it. What one or two areas stand out that you would like to reboot this summer?  Next week we share our insights.

I would love to hear from you so leave a comment below about your self -care journey  and/or topics you would like covered during this series . To connect on a more intimate level feel free to email me at raquiwardrn@gmail.com

Take Care, you deserve it!

~ Raqui 

P.S.  If your wonder where I came up with Taking Care look no further than Drake's song "Take Care" ft. Rihanna. There's a line in the song when she says "I'll take care of you" which inspired me/ got me thinking. And while I don't agree with most of the music these artists produce, this one in particular made me think of my own self -care needs. What music inspires you? 

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