Love Letters To A Nurses Soul: It's Just a JOB!

Dear Nurse,

 Today I sat here and repeated to myself it's just a job. Why? Because someone made me mad. They were very unprofessional despite my best efforts. But in truth I allowed them to make me mad as I control my destiny and reactions, and then  God remind me no matter how nice or unprofessional mean spirited or graceful the people we come in contact with in our profession we must remember it is just a job. People  come, go, get changed, and rearranged but my family my family is forever and that is more important to me then a JOB. 

The life growing inside of me is more important than telling someone off or putting them in their place. At the end of the day I  go home to a loving supportive family. Maybe they don't.I don't know but I hope they do. So today I remind you to do your job and do it well as you always have but at the end of the day remember you gave it your best and that's it. After all when we get to the pearly gates God's not going to ask how well you interacted with your coworker but He will want to know if you accepted his son in your heart.



(originally written 3/13/14)

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