Love Letters To A Nurses Soul: Letting Go

Hello Everybody and Happy Resurrection/ Easter weekend.!!!! I read something FB that says something to the effect that the most powerful experience this world has had; happened in a span of three days. Think about it...Jesus was arrested, prosecuted, persecuted, murdered, placed in a tomb, and then resurrected for you and me. I wish you and your family a blessed Easter weekend and time to reflect on where your life is going.  At the end of the day there are people, places, and opportunities much more important than the trivial things we get hung up on. ~ Kimberly

Now Onto the Letter:

Dear Nurse,

      There are people, places, things, and situations we need to let go of. We may think we have but reality is we have not.  For instance I ran into a former friend and while I have forgiven this person it still gave me a bit of anxiety seeing them. Would I say something crazy..unfiltered..untactful? Would I want to run and hide? I'm not sure how I was going to react but anyways when I saw them I hugged them and kept the conversation to what they were comfortable with. And even though we aren't friends I was happy to see them doing well but understood why we could never be the type of friends we were before. You see I have changed and grown a lot over the last time I spoke to them and if I can't be my beautiful broken self in front of you we can't be friends or family for that matter.So I'm letting go. Letting go of preconceived notions, pretending to say and do things I'm not, living up to others expectations, and trying to prove I'm worthy. The sheer fact I am alive and breathing is proof I belong among the human race. The fact God gets me up every morning is validation enough I am worthy. What do you need to let go of? Write it down and tear it up today!


~ Kimberly

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