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Hello and happy weekend. Although this post is title for Thursdays I was unable to to post yesterday.  So I'm posting today. This weekend I will be working on a new  writing venture that I hope will open some  doors. So I leave you with a post I wrote months ago, with a few revisions, that I now feel is more relevant then ever.

It appears we got it all wrong in today’s world where cash is king and families fall by the wayside for much needed financial resources. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy working and am learning to do it unto the Lord vs. man. But when we are told our health, physical/mental, restroom breaks, and eustress are optional I questions our motives. Everything cannot be a priority as humans we learn this from the beginning when we are born and the first thing we do is breath. But when we are wound so tight that we cannot even sneeze for a minute without our commitment put into question I shudder.
When everything is a priority nothing is a priority. I am a priority without me there is no one to dry your tears, inspect the facility, give the depo, or perform CPR. I am a priority. I matter. My lists of priorities’ are God, Me, and Family.  Livelihood without balance does not work.

Take Care,

~ Raqui

P.S. I'm not sure you can see this when you come here but there are some advertisement links that appear in the blog description/ side/ anywhere else "they " feel is relevant  that I do not endorse. We will be moving soon, where I can have more control. And if you are the advertiser. Cease and Desist. You do not have my blessing or permission!

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