Where's Raqui ?

Happy Tuesday!
I know it's been a while .. seems this is becoming theme lol. Anyways, thought I put to rest any rumors..imagined by me I might add :) that I'm done writing..since I have not been on here consistently.

While experiencing a personal tragedy I'm taking time to Take Care of my self - care needs. What good would I be to you if I didn't follow my own advice?

- While I'm "offline" here- I'll be on twitter @RaquiWard, Google +, Linked in

- Working on the Forthcoming book I've been talking about all year- What They Didn't Teach Your or I In Nursing School: Lessons Learned Outside The Classroom; for publication later this month. So excited. hope you enjoy it :)

Some lessons from the book include:
  • Lesson #1- You Can Get Your Dream Job- I'm sure you've been told many times you can not, well I'm here to tell you why you can.
  • Lesson #4 - Nursing Chooses You- You Don't Choose It!- This profession is not for the faint of heart or those seeking riches, fame, and adoration.  Although these may come you need to enter the profession with some realistic expectations
  • Lesson # 9- Affirmation Comes From Home: The power of a good support network. Great nurses are made at home.

- And in addition expanding my freelance writing business. Contact me for any of your  freelance writing   needs. I specialize blog writing/content marketing in the areas of : women's health, public/community health, stress management, and health/wellness.

While we are on this break I hope your explore the blog as it is because next project after the book launch is moving this blog to a more hospitable environment where I have more freedom advertising wise to give you what you need, quality- not quantity. Connect with me on twitter @RaquiWard, leave me a comment here, or send me an email at raquiwardrn@gmail.com.  If you like what you see share , share, share, if it needs improvement tell me.

Take Care,

~ Raqui

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