Raqui Thursdays

Happy Thursday People! For those of us who grind Monday- Friday it's almost the weekend.  Hallelujah!!!  And for everyone else I hope your weekend treats you well. I originally was going to post a playlist for this week, but when inspiration hits you .... you gotta write.

Today I went to Zumba and I ran into a old familiar face. It was great catching up with her and I left feeling refreshed, blessed, and at peace. I can't explain it but her very presence and willingness to let her blessed life exuded from her allowed/reminded me to be free. Anyways.. my point is everything happens for a reason so this Thursday as you enjoy time away from your daily activities, I invite you to reflect on if you're living your authentic life. If things are going well then let the whole world know and if there not then share with those who are close to you. Either way isolation is not an option. Embrace whatever is going on  as they say live in the moment.

Take Care, Be Blessed, Enjoy your life's sound track


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