Dear Nurse

Dear Nurse,
Good morning…good evening… and good afternoon. I know this is the start of your shift but I just wanted to say Thank You.
Thank You for patiently waiting while I took my morning breakfast of numerous pills. 
Thank You for singing to me even though I’m intubated and can't speak.
Thank You for checking for monsters under my sons’ bed while he receives chemotherapy.
Thank You for understanding that my illness makes it hard for me to accept love or care
-In fact it increases my anxiety. So you find other ways to show your care like consistently showing up and taking interest in me.
Nurse ,Thank You for calling the ambulance even when I said no, because you instinctively knew I was having a stroke.
Thank You for making me a PB &J because being NPO for hours sucks.
Thank You for cleaning me up with dignity, never getting angry that it happens repeatedly.  
Thank You for comforting my family and keeping them up to date.  
Thank You for attending staffings to determine the level of care I receive.
Thank You for visiting me in the hospital...SNF…jail…home…park…your car…and anywhere that is convenient for me. 
Thank You for processing my prior authorizations in a timely manner so my medical foster parent can care for me.
Thank You for taking the time to make sure I understand my care…medications…my rights… and advocating for me. You make my voice matter.
Thank You for empowering me and encouraging me to be a partner in my care.
Thank You for checking in on me.
Thank You for looking at me as more than my illness or infirmity.
Thank You for helping me understand life is a part of death… holding my hands as I take my last breath.
Thank You Thank You Thank You for treating me like your family.
Thank You for mentoring the next generation of nurses through teaching…coaching…and blogging. 
Dear Nurse I know I can’t say this enough but Thank You.
Take Care


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