Celebrate Nurses May 6-12!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone and Happy Nurses Week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are here to celebrate !! Today we kick off the week with nurses day and a perspective on nursing from Becky. Then later on the week I will share some letters of reflection, then we will round the week out celebrating Florence Nightingale's Birthday & Mothers Day.  You can also find interesting facts and figures regarding nursing with a simple Google search or here at the American Nurses Association website. I hope you enjoy and as always if you love it share it.! If you don't like it tell me about it so I can fix it. Thanks.

Becky's perspectives on,

What nursing means to her:
"Helping others live the best life they possibly can"
 What got her into the field of nursing and how nursing has impacted her life:
"I always knew I wanted to be a nurse.  My mom tells me I talked about it when I was 3 or 4 yrs. old.  I started as a Candy Striper (that dates me doesn't it?), read all the 'nurse' books in the library in junior high--school nurse, air force nurse, surgical nurse, etc."
" I wasn't sure until my senior year in nursing what area I wanted to go into, but eventually chose psychiatric nursing and have never regretted it!  I have met so many wonderful people, traveled around the world, and best of all, have helped lots of people that usually get nothing but disdain or misunderstanding."
 Her hopes for nursing in the future:
 "My hope for nursing is that nurses can rise to a higher level of professionalism.  It's very dismaying to read about bullying within nursing.  There's no place for that behavior in a profession that cares for those who may be helpless or infirm and to whom the public holds in highest regard."
Thanks Becky. Great perspective.

How will you celebrate  nurses this week?  What does nursing mean to you, how has it impacted your life, and what are your hopes for nursing in the future?

Take Care


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  1. Love Becky's comments, especially the one about bullying within nursing. It really is such a problem, I would say especially among younger nurses getting started and looking to older nurses for advice and wisdom. Happy Nurses Week!