A Nurses Legacy

Dear Community,
I leave you today for greener meadows, for a triumphant return to peace for my body is weary and my mind is filled with many memories. Some good, bad,... indifferent but nonetheless memories. 
Although I leave, be of good cheer as I am not gone, just absent in body. My spirit of care lives on...

You see that little girl running around enjoying her adoptive family...or the young mother breastfeeding her baby?  What about the nurse practitioner you saw today…that took the time to get to know you? She was in a class I taught about compassion.  
Aunt Jane understands that she takes the yellow pills twice a day and the green one at night because I took the extra time to make sure she had her medication right.
Maybe you met the nurse anesthetist that prepped you before surgery - I befriended her, telling her the sky was the limit despite her current circumstances and she dared to  believe it. 
The nurse day in and day out helping you in rehab? Well, he and I connected online through blogging and now the rehab app he created  keeps all your progress in one place, at the fingertips of you and your family.
Did you meet your child’s teacher?  I told her that being a teenage mother was just the beginning of her story. I inspired her to go to school and provide for her family.
So you see, I’m still here in my words, actions, deeds, and  planted seeds. My spirit of care lives on and now it’s up to you to carry the legacy of care on
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to care for, inspire, and encourage you.  It was my pleasure and now I rest; knowing  the legacy I  leave serves as a catalyst to the next generation of caring.
Take Care


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