Unscripted Week 1 (April 6-12)

A week or so ago I discovered LeaRae Keyes nursing entrepreneurship 365 blog project in which she  daily post what she is doing to grow her business.  I have already found her other venues an invaluable resource.
Anyways, I decided to try my own version. Write (yes I meant to do this) now as you have seen and or heard about I’m working on a book for nurses 0 to 5 years in their career entitled: What They Didn’t Teach You or I in Nursing School: Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom. This book gives ten practical lessons I wish I would have learned before I crossed the graduation stage but that I am glad to have learned sooner rather than later.  

While I’m not planning to post what I’m doing every day,I will post a recap of what I did weekly to further the goals of publishing my book, increasing my blogger audience, and creating passive income. These blog post will be entitled unscripted as I seem to have a knack for following my own star.


·         Reconnected with alumni community and sent follow up emails.

·         Confirmed conference call regarding monetizing blog with another successful nursing blog

·         Spoke with IT professional about online brand consistency with face to face meeting this weekend

·         Encouraged another author by reading and providing feedback for a current project

·         Established a goal for myself to post a Nurse Life Lesson, Rauqi Thursday, and Unscripted weekly

Placing this online for all you to see keeps me accountable and more likely to follow through, there is something about others knowing your goal that strengthens your resolve to succeed. What unscripted actions will you take this week? I would love to hear from you…sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself but I know you are listening J


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