So a lot has happened since I last wrote as usually does, but I would like to point out this blog is titled perfectly. Although I did not know it at the time of my first writing God did. You see I have started a new career adventure in my life one I never thought was coming this quick. You see I planned to work 3 to 5 at my former employer and then see where life ... and by that I mean God was taking me. Well it seems there is a new plan the plan that involves me making plans and God laughing at them and saying honey what I have for you is so much better than you can imagine.
With that said the weeks leading up to this submerging event have been wrought at times with me waking up in the middle of the night with mild anxiety. That is because I am traveling into the unknown... yet I feel at peace and that's how I know I am right where God placed me.
So today's lesson is submerge yourselves. It is like the Robert Frost poem The Road not taken..that is how I try to live my life . Predictability is boring. It all started when I was born and has become more prevalent since I have been and graduated college. First I was denied from USF so when others might have given up ... I did the opposite and applied for the summer program.. I mean what would I be doing at home besides sitting at home watching TV.. then I applied for the USF College of Nursing.. denied the first time..I reevaluated my life plan and came to the same conclusion... I was still to become a Registered Nurse.. the likes of which the world never saw coming :) So I reapplied and was wait listed #7 to be exact...I have to laugh here because it seems the odds were stacked against me but God is in my corner. Anyways most people did not know what to say or how to react when I told them about me being wait listed I heard "what are you going to do" and " oh your #7" " will you apply again".. No I will not because God gave me the desire to be a RN and so He will honor His word and see that I get the training I need at the time I need. Instead of listening to negativity I prayed and sang all the worship songs you can imagine ...at the time I was doing work study at the main USF library but you would have thought I was having church as I stacked the books the way I was carrying on. And guess what the 6 people ahead of me either accepted but the majority for whatever reason declined and #7 got in!. Then there is the 2 years of nursing school in which in the final lap of the game near graduation they tried to keep me from graduating until the next semester because they thought they could strong arm me but I fought back and had truth on my side and graduated with honors 12/2009. Which leads me to today while my other buddies went the traditional way I followed my passion which happens to be community and public health and I have been blessed and thanking God ever since.
So for me taking this road less traveled and submerging myself in something new is exciting and as the Frost poem concludes" I took the one[road] less traveled by , And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

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