Resurrecting Your Nursing Career

 By: Tina Lanciault RN

Are you feeling burnout, exhausted, overwhelmed or just don’t care about yourself or your patients?

Yes, unfortunately these feelings do exist at some point in a nurse’s career path.

Some nurses choose to get out of the professional all together and others stay in these unsatisfying jobs that leave them drained at the end of the day with nothing to give to themselves or their loved ones.

So what can nurses do? How can you resurrect your nursing career, reignite that feeling of excitement and ready for whatever the day had to offer? Remember your first nursing job, how motivated you were and couldn’t wait to get out there and help people.

It’s time to get those feeling back!

But knowing what direction to take in your nursing career can be challenging. There’s no chart or blueprint that maps it out for you. Only you can put the pieces together because every nurse will be different in what she has to offer.

So here are 3 tips for figuring this out.

First - Get very clear on what you have to offer. This means what are your skills, personality traits, your expertise, interests, knowledge and experiences. These all play a role in the kind of nursing job you should be choosing for yourself.

Second – Be aware of what you need from you work. This is where your personality traits, your values and interests come in. Don’t take a job that puts you into a work environment you really don’t want to be in. This is a sure way to burnout quickly.

Third – Learn as much as you can about your nursing career options. There are so many opportunities now for nurses that there should be no reason for any nurse to leave the profession. If you love technology and working with software programs then nursing informatics is for you. Or maybe you want to get into marketing and sales; you could work for a pharmaceutical company or medical equipment company.  Maybe you have an idea for a product or service that is needed in your area and you want to start a business, go for it! Becoming a nurse entrepreneur is one of the fastest growing career choices for nurses today.

Take some time, sit down and write out what you want out of your nursing career and include your personal life values into the big picture. What would be your ideal nursing job?

I believe once you get started brainstorming ideas for your nursing career you’ll become excited again, which is a great way to resurrect your joy of being a nurse.

Tina Lanciault RN helps other nurses find their niche in nursing by sharing her experiences, resources and insights about alternative nursing careers. Learn what opportunities are available to you at any stage of your nursing career @ http://differenttypesofnursing.com  

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