The Worst Action IS Inaction

Paralyzed by fear unable to form a complete sentence she sat there staring at her computer. Type!Type! Type! But she could not will herself to do so..Type Type Type! The voice in her head grew louder. Type! Finally she had succumbed to her minds request.

Is this you? I know it me at times ..Paralyzed by the amount..time..energy... and effort it takes to write or take action so much so I just freeze. Yikes! 10 years from now I don't want to look back and think:  man wish I had taken the plunge on this. But sometimes well most of the time  we get in our own way. Paralyzed by making a mistake because we can't control mistakes. Nurses are notorious for this . Our profession makes us paranoid into perfectionism given the weight of our nursing duties. this perfectionism leads us to carry it in other aspects of our lives. " You're not holy ghost Jr" I can hear my mentor saying. And she's right.  You and I are not the Holy Sprint, God ,or any other supernatural being. Now the Holy Spirit can live inside us if we allow Him too but we are not omnipresent only God is. So let it go!!!!!

Let go of perfect and start living your life. Do your very best and let God handle the rest. 

How to Let Go and Let God:

1. Pray. A lot of heartache and anguish can be avoided by praying.
2. Trust the process. Trust that He heard your prayer.He with answer it according to His will. Live in that truth.
3. Give it time. Some things don't happen overnight or instanaeously!
4. Let it go. Once you do the above walk in the Light and live with love.

Take care,

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