It has been awhile

So it has been a long while since I have last written a lot has happened I mostly grew up a lot more. My friend DJ said I should start writing here again so here we go.
On my mind/ heart which are for the most part connected...is people liking you. I know we go through life and everyone does not like us but it makes working situations more difficult when  people are on the fence you feel as if your on an island....Why can't we all get along in the work environment. We do not have to be best friends but let's work together for the good of the clients..

Enough of that I have to let go and let GOD.

So some tips for all you RN's out there on today nurses day:

1.Be strong
2. Be of integrity
3. Stand for truth
4. Know the players and how they play the game. Each person you work with has a distinct personality and once you know it, it can make the working environment more cooperative.
5. Smile
6. Allow God to shine through
7. Be you .. because at the end of the day rather they love you or hate you all you have is the beautiful RN God made you and that's what makes sense.

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