Kindred Spirits

 We are not alone. On a day when when I arrived home searching, yes searching for things I could have done better or differently I read this post by my colleague Elizabeth Scala.  Before arriving home I had already decided  I was letting it go, resting in the arms of Jesus. As I sat outside gazing at our memorial plant watching it bloom before my eyes  it was an amazing sight! You see I have learned and written about Cutting The Balloon and not letting the work day take my joy or peace. The point is Elizabeth's' post gave name to what we all go through and provided tips that are very helpful. The only tip I would like to add is repetition.Practice becomes second nature. The more we practice treating ourselves right, recognizing when we are about to spiral, and not taking ourselves so seriously the more it comes naturally. We get one life. Our best is good enough and yes sometimes we will make mistakes or errors but that does not make us bad nurses. A great nurse is one who is not perfect but recognizes the need to improve . To all you nurses out there rest, reflect, and pat yourself on the back because you gave it all you had.

Take Care,


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