Disater Prepardness Nursing & RN License

Today, I went to this training for Disaster Preparedness Nursing. It was a good refresher...since I just got out of nursing school. Actually is was better than good ...it was awesome!!!!!  I was able to see some of my favorite professors and it proves I am right where God wants me to be; working when , where, and how God wants me too. Hope we can keep this up. What I really want to share is the importance of knowing/memorizing your license number.

It seems no matter where I go I need to know that number. .it's like knowing your SSN without it you don't exist, and without your licensure number nothing else matters because you never know when they will be offering those all-important CEU's; since I work for the Department of Health I think I'll be pretty much covered with CEU's and the beauty is they're free!!!!!! We all know just because you’re a nurse does not mean you’re rich ... you are paid well but you still need to budget your money wisely. This is something I'm working on. Starting with my first check. Bottom line: be prepared with your license number...you put a lot of effort into obtaining it! It is a represents your faith, effort, and commitment in this profession.

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